Swim Classes: Both Girls "Y" Addition

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Ava started swim lessons right after her third birthday and it was one of the best investments we'd made in ensuring she understood water safety and how to swim (of course). Fast forward three years and our girl recently enrolled in an aggressive eight session reminder course (she was out of the water for almost nine whole months) and Olivia started off in their tot course as well. As much as I love my home state, swim schools are seriously lacking here. That is part of the reason why it took us so long to get these babes in the water. I looked up five different facilities and I just couldn't seem to find a fit that felt right, so we focused solely on gymnastics. I tried to find some temporary contentment with just having them participate in something physical, but swim is truly a must for us. Since Justin is in USAREC, (non operational side of the Army) and we aren't assigned to the post here, free gym memberships are pretty common with recruiters. Thankfully, we live close enough to a YMCA that our family can take full advantage of the facility and all the classes they offer. 

I was a little apprehensive at first... I wasn't sure if the structure was going to be the same (or as professional) since this wasn't their *job* per say? But I am happy to report that this has been the best swim experience I've had for my children thus far. They are in a separate, heated pool area that is really mellow - not overcrowded at all and solely for kiddos. The locker rooms, showers, and private entry are all nice bonuses that we didn't experience at our last swim facility. I appreciate the structure and the super hands on teaching from the instructors. Olivia has been absolutely killin' it! She is the only kiddo in her class to "bob" hum, and blow bubbles when instructed to do so. The back float is super easy for her and you can tell this isn't her first time being around or in organized classes such as this one. 

Ava is picking up right where she left off. The back stroke is in full effect, she's breathing and using that control rather well, and she is able to swim from one side of the pool to the next. While Justin is at school, I think i'm going to wait to see what level the girls test out at and then put them in another aggressive swim course. Going every single day is so much more effective than once a week. At least for my kids. And this schedule has really allowed for us to do more with our day since its so early in the morning. I love it! For those that have recently thought about swim for your kiddos, I urge you to check with your local YMCA before dumping hundreds of dollars into a swim school. Even for non- members, the eight course class my kids are in would be $81 dollars, If I'm not mistaken? Totally worth it and extremely cost effective. 

We also decided to put Liam in the baby/parent class here in August - he absolutely LOVES the water, so I know this will be a hit! I cannot wait to see how well that goes. I've got two little minnows and one little minnow in training. Seriously cannot rave enough about water safety, water exposure, and making sure your kiddos are swimming safely. 

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