Liam Arthur: 16 Months Old

Monday, July 8, 2019

Folks, my sweet little lamb is on the move.

That's right, we've got ourselves another little walker in the Howland house. I feel like it almost happened overnight? Liam took his first steps so long ago, I just assumed that actually walking would be gradual.. but no! He just stood up one day and now that's all he does. I'm so happy for him. For months he's been trying to keep up with his sisters and now he quite literally can. This past month has been so dang exciting in regards to developmental milestones and watching Liam soar. I have felt more happy than sadness about watching my third baby do all the things that I watched the two before him complete.

Clothes: Liam is wearing 24 month clothing (same as the last couple of updates) and I imagine this won't change for a little while. He is walking now which means the baby chub will subside and he will even out or possibly plateau for a little while. I do love little boy clothing options, though! My fav is Target, of course and then Macys, Old Navy, and Kohls are other contenders. There are so many cute styles.. I really can't get enough. Sometimes I find myself over shopping just because I love to dress my boy so dang cute.

Health: Liam's 15 month well baby went pretty well. His pediatric doc ordered bloodwork because he literally was screaming anytime she touched him (which we've grown used to. He's not a fan of strangers) and she thought lack of iron could be an underlying cause? Turns out our boy's iron is perfect but his vitamin d was a little bit low, so we are adding some vitamin d in our daily diet. Milk has been a bust with Liam, so I'm currently researching easier ways to incorporate vitamin d without forcing it on my son.

Feeding: Everything but the kitchen sink is so unbelievably fitting for my toddler. Seriously. He can put it away and not just the average cereal or blueberries.. but he will eat savory foods, seasoned foods, cultural dishes, etc. I am literally blown away. When we eat out, I never worry about Liam going hungry because the menu lacks "kid" options. Move over chicken nuggets, this kid can scarf down some of the most divine meal. We stopped in Newport, Oregon to see my good friend Ann, on the way back from California and Liam seriously could not stop eating my dish! It was a collection of seafood, parmesan, rich alfredo, and a thicker pasta.

Sleep: For the first time in 15 months, I placed my son to sleep in his crib. Yes - the barely used, expensive crib that has served all three of our children in the sense of room d├ęcor. I placed him in his crib once I'd already nursed him down to sleep (this was a couple nights ago) and he slept in his crib for nearly two hours before he woke up and realized he was in an unfamiliar place. I don't know how often I'll try doing this but I do know this is a step into the toddler bed stages that each of my girls were in.

Milestones: I already mentioned the walking, but in addition to walking - the emotional growth: hugging people when they are sad, high-fiving in triumph, pointing and trying to communicate what he's pointing at... I am so thrilled with this kid! He's on track for his development, he's doing wonderful, and we are all still so smitten with our little boy.

Things You Like: I can't remember if I already mentioned this before but Liam LOVES to mimic. I was putting lotion on him one night after a bath and he copied everything I did. He loves trying to put shoes on, he loves picking up the end of my mop and trying to wipe my floors.. it's the sweetest thing! Also, we bought a new vehicle the day before the fourth and I realized just how much my baby dances when music is on. I did see him before in the baby mirror, but now when I look in my rearview, I can't not see him. He is a lover of music (all kinds) and it is so dang precious to me!

I can't believe how close we are to Liam being 1.5 years. It still feels insane that we made it here so quickly. One thing is for sure, I'm still thankful for all the snuggles and lovin's he gives. Sometimes when we're lucky, when he's not tired or looking for comfort, he'll let us hold him so calm like. Those moments are my fav.

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