Liam Arthur: 18 Month Old

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Liam Arthur! My how you've grown in a month's time. You are talking, like seriously talking -- curious about everything, always mimicking and pointing. Seeing the world through your eyes is by far one of the greatest gifts this life has afforded me. You are so chatty and you make us all laugh SO big, all the time. Sometimes, when its lights out and we are all going to bed... daddy and I seriously look at your sweet face and talk about how grateful we feel that we get to be your parents. I cannot wait to see what the next six months of your life has in store -- and ringing in your second year of life, sweet boy.

Clothes: So, this isn't really a size update (still in 24 months -2T) but more of a style share. I LOVE dressing this little boy in this "prep style" sort of way. Cargos, collared shirts, button downs, snapbacks, etc. I absolutely adore how cute my child looks in this style. Just like the girls, I love dressing him up, finding cute accessories for his age, and cleaning my babies up nice. Of course they have their outside clothes, but its my absolute fav to find all the cute little boy clothes for my kiddo

Health: This little boy is growing and healthy! Thanking the good lord above for the continued good health for my son. Our family doesn't tend to get sick in the warmer months, so I'm glad to know that this is the case for Liam too. I imagine this winter will afford us some sniffles and colds... but I'm totally okay with that taking its sweet time to make way to our family. 

Feeding: I can't stress this enough, like really. This boy eats so dang good! All the green things, meats of all sorts, all the fruit, yogurts -- but he is a little finicky about nuts, milk, and eggs. I'm totally fine with that though. I have found other way to make sure our son is getting calcium, iron, protein, etc. Feeding time is a breeze because I can give Liam anything to try, and he won't hesitate to devour it. 

Sleep: Big changes are coming for our boy, as he will soon be out of mom and dad's bed and into his own toddler bed. We haven't converted the crib just yet, but I've attempted some naps and nighttime sleeps in there -- twice, we've been successful, but it wasn't without tears. We truly aren't "cry it out" parents and that is more than okay with us. 

Milestones: I'm always bad about keeping these milestones for blog purposes but If I had to compile a list of new things or things we are proud of it would be... the use of utensils with each meal, learning to hold the ledge and walk down/up the stairs, and coloring (well, I might add) activity books and such. 

Things You Like: Liam love's his sisters' foam frozen couch in the play area upstairs, he loves reading books (or laughing hysterically at the books he pulls from the book shelves is more like it) and he will sit in that foam couch for a solid 10 minutes just flipping through the pages. Our babe loves  to cuddle, like all the time as of late! We love this. Liam loves his bath time and has grown fond of having toys in the tub with him. He loves to dance, sing, and play tag. There are so many likes as of lately and I am savoring them all. 

Sweet boy, slow down. I say this often.. but seriously. I'm in no rush to see the next thirty days pass us by. 

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