Coronavirus Scare

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Seattle is a ghost town. Washington cities are all, ghost towns.

(Photo Cred: Jennifer Tai)

If you have spent anytime on the internet in the last few weeks, I'm sure you've heard about the Coronavirus pandemic. Initially, I had no real fears about it. I've survived pandemics in my lifetime (circa 2009 swine-flu + 2014 ebola outbreak) and although there were people dying from it, it never impacted my specific region in a huge way. Today, I couldn't make that same statement. In a short span, over 30 people have died from the coronavirus (mostly the elderly) just two counties over. There are nearly 500 cases of the COVID-19 in our state, leaving Washington with the most confirmed cases in the United States. It started with just after school activities being cancelled. That's a bummer, but our girl doesn't have any extracurricular through her school right now so she wouldn't have been affected. Then we kept getting a series of emails from Olivia's gymnastics center. Two potential cases of the virus forced them to close their doors to fumigate and get those gymnasts tested. Now, three counties in close proximity to our area have closed down the public and private schools until April 24th, for now. That's 600,000 kiddos that will be out of school for roughly six weeks.

This is becoming a potential for us and I'm anxiously waiting to see what our county will decide. They've already sent out emails surveying us on accessibility to internet outside of smartphones for Ava. They've already told us to brace ourselves and informed us they were following the governor's guidelines. Our local stores are absolute chaos with checkout lines as long as isle rows and toilet paper shelves completely wiped out. I mean, even the happiest place on earth has shut down. Shouldn't that tell us something? When does Disneyland ever shut down? The NBA, XFL, NHL, march madness... all of these leagues and major sporting events have been suspended until further notice. I have quite literally never seen anything like this in my entire life. I am thankful that my mother in-law and Justin's Nana reside in New York. Arleen is still actively going through chemo and Nana is combating COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). The last thing they need is to get sick from this.

The one thing I can't wrap my head around is why people are acting frantic and crazed during this time. I mean, don't get me wrong, I have my worries, but my demeanor remains collected and logical. Nothing good ever comes from panicking and making irrational choices as a result. You would not believe the things I've seen and heard this week -- its insane. Oddly enough I've subscribed to local news channels quite frequently since yesterday. I never imagined I'd end up being one of "those" people but here I am looking for direction and any/all updates. I think my biggest concern is Justin or Ava getting sick (they leave the house much more than the rest of us and are in constant contact with other kids) and bringing something home for the rest of us. I know there are measures in place to help us in this event... but still.

I'm really hoping this wave of fear, sickness, and the rate of this rapidly spreading virus all cease to exist here soon.

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