Liam Arthur: He's Two

Sunday, March 8, 2020

To the sweet boy that made me a mom of both, Happy Birthday Cowboy!

Liam Arthur,

730 days around the sun and I cannot get enough of you. From the moment you were born your daddy and I have not stopped talking about your infectious smile, and soon after, your joy and your everyday happiness. You have a smile that literally lights up any room and everyone gravitates towards you. They can't help but swoon. Your joy and your laughter have so much healing in them and have provided my heart and soul so many tender and NEEDED moments. This past year, you came into your own and boy, were we in for a surprise. Walking, running, mud slinging, Tonka truck crashing, Toy story loving, and constant babble. You even give your daddy a run for his money with a nerf gun. You are loving and kind -- always hugging one of your sisters and telling them you love them. You wipe tears off the face of anyone in this family, always saying, "You cry? No cry". You are so, so intelligent! You speak so well, and you say so much. I am blown away with you and constantly impressed. You love to cuddle and by the time I share this, you will likely still be night nursing. You are a constant reminder that each child is different. I have learned to pick my battles WISELY with you. You have a tender heart, but you are stubborn much like one of your older sisters and your daddy. You are STRONG. Always requiring two nurses and a doc for shots during a checkup. And you manage to plant your toddler feet BENEATH the stroller when we are out and about and you aren't ready to leave.

I love who you are and I so thankful that I get to be your mama, Lamby.

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