School At Home: COVID-19

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Yesterday was our first official "home school" day with Miss Ava.

I'm happy to report that we absolutely rocked it and my girl is so excited to be working from home. After the initial panic set in on how I was going to keep Ava up to speed with her curriculum, I dug head first into research. I talked to my homeschooling mama friends, I google'd teaching methods like you wouldn't believe, and I utilized online resources designated for Ava's grade level. I will say that I am super thankful that her teacher took the time to send home workbooks, packets, and other various items we can use during the school shutdown. We had a lot of fun incorporating the normal, familiar workbooks Ava is already accustomed to using as well as using the new materials I was able to find. I think the key to really being successful these next several weeks is to find a routine, implement it, and stick to it.

So, that's what we are doing. I wrote up a "homeschool schedule" for Ava this weekend and we followed it to a "T" today. The schedule sections off blocks of our time with 1-3 activities in each block. For example, I started our day at 7:30am (an entire hour later than Ava normally wakes up because **home school perks **) with that time block including breakfast, yoga, and changing the calendar. The math practice block has 60 minutes dedicated to it and that is aligned with the amount of time Ava's class spends on math work in one setting (though I'm sure her classroom is at the math work a little longer). I made sure to block off time for some outdoor time, some stretching, and even a brain break. Each day is roughly the same as the last but I'm taking solace in knowing that our weekends are still our weekends. Well, maybe a little more now than ever before since all of our activities are officially cancelled. I do alternate blocks of time that include science and social studies. One day we will do a science related learning activity (today she excavated a tyrannosaurus rex) and tomorrow might be discussing the Mesopotamia trade. Our options are endless and I'me excited about them all.

I'm really sticking to keeping the kids off of digital things during the hours we dedicate to learning and working on school activities. Today wasn't hard at all. Our kids aren't really used to watching a bulk of television during the week, so that worked perfectly. I noticed that Olivia was extremely eager to do all the learning things herself, so we had her working on numbers, letters, and shape tracing. This was a major plus for me because I worry about the younger two during the next few weeks. I certainly don't want them to feel neglected but I also NEED to keep up with Ava.

So far, all is good and we are working with the cards we have.

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