I have a SECOND grader

Monday, June 22, 2020

My beautiful graduate.

Ava's last official day of first grade was on the 19th! I can't even begin to tell you guys how proud we are of her. She made it through a COVID-19 disaster and she's become a stronger learner in the process. She ended her year with a reverse parade at her school (we didn't get out of our car) and she got to see all of her teachers and pick up her classroom things. She also got another citizenship award! That showed up in a slideshow that they sent out via email. I am forever impressed with this girl. The staff had bubbles, decorations, signs, and goody bags! It was so awesome. We decked out our car in signs, balloons, stars on the side, and streamers. Seeing not only Ava, but all three of our babies smile was EVERYTHING. Having that last memory be the last one for the school year left us all feeling a little hopeful. 

I don't know what Ava's learning environment will look like in the fall (or Olivia's preschool experience) but we are bracing ourselves for anything and everything. Even with so many unknowns still buzzing around, I'm just glad we have the summer to try and keep the worries of tomorrow out of our minds for a little bit. This summer should be one for the books, even if we are social distancing and wearing masks full time. Justin will be taking two weeks of leave next month, our family camping trip has the green light, and we are going to explore every corner of Washington State that we can. I think a big part of why the kids have been handling the last few months so well is that we do our best to make sure we are giving them some sort of exploration -- even if it is just in our neighborhood! I love seeing my kids happy even when their normal is shaken and forever changed. 

Speaking of changes, this is the first year in which Miss Ava did not want to participate in her annual end of the year graduation photos. I won't lie, I was a little heartbroken about it but I respected her decision and so, we didn't take them. Her opinions need to be validated and they are far more important than me being bummed out. I'm secretly hoping this year was a flop and she changes her mind next year. Until then, I'm documenting all the in-between moments and candid interactions I can. 

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