The Little Things: Slow. Down.

Monday, August 29, 2022

To be with my kids, *really be with them* and soak them in alongside new experiences is one of my favorite things about being their mom. Their laughter, their curiosity, their concern, and their ability to just let go and enjoy what’s right in front of them — I relish in THAT.

During our vacation week, I wore a smile so big my face hurt and I just felt like the most blessed woman to walk this earth. I hope my kids remember this version of me just like the other versions. Not just the hustle of motherhood, the veggies, schedules, and compelling talks about choices. Our family vacations remind me that moms can have fun and SHOULD have fun every single second we can. Sometimes that's harder to achieve every day when you are the default parent. Trust me, I get this. But, there is beauty in balance, and when you can achieve balance, even if it's just a day a week... it's a beautiful unfolding. I think this is a huge reason why vacation time is so magical for all of us. When we are on vacation, the worries change. The everyday of home life is not a concern and we are only looking at what's right in front of us. Whether it's a plane ride or in the car for hours... we have time. Having time gives me this unwritten ability to slow down. When slowing down is an option, I feel like so many shades of who *I am* get to emerge. I don't worry as much, I'm not totally concerned about the amount of chocolate or ice cream being consumed, and I get to watch everything as it happens, not just secondhand.

And while I'm still not a big fan of summer, I am a fan of how much fun summer facilitates for me, my kids... really our entire family. Having our entire family whole and together during these summer months is absolute magic and it's such a short time in retrospect. I remember seeing an article once that talked about the fact that we only get 18 summers with our kids. Our oldest is 9 years old -- that means half our summers with Ava have already passed. When you think about time like that, it really just goes to show you how limited our time is... it reinforces my ideals about how fleeting their childhood is and how quickly life passes us by while they are doing all of their growing. Slow. Down. I tell myself, often. It's so much easier said than it is done but I hope every single mama out there gets to experience that summer time magic. It is truly one of a kind. 

This weekend is our last getaway before 2 out of the 4 are back in school fulltime. I always sort of "mourn" the loss of what summer affords us the last week before school starts...but I know attending school each day is something our older two appreciate, approve of, and thrive in. It makes the process just a little easier knowing the kids are eager and excited to go back. They got their teacher assignments already, they even know some of the kids they'll be in class with this fall. I'm excited for all their firsts they'll have *and* I'm excited that school life will likely look more normal than it has in over two years. Slowing down are the words I would use to describe our schedule when school is underway but I do try to remain as intentional with my kids as possible. A friend of mine even suggested scheduling slow down time into our regular schedules? I'd never though of that before.

I don't know that it'll be an everyday thing but I do know that every feeling or thing has its season and for now, I'm just thankful that it was apart of this summer's memories. 

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