Wisdom Teeth Removal

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Better late than never, right?
After six painful years, losing part of a decaying and cracked top wisdom tooth, and a bucket's worth of irrational fear -- last week I finally got my wisdom teeth removed... and you know what? It was an absolute cakewalk. For as long as I can remember, the thought of oral surgery has absolutely completely terrified me. I'm not quite sure why though. I've never had a bad dental experience, I don't even know anyone personally who has had a bad dental or bad oral surgeon experience. All I've based my fears off of were... Doctor. Google. I swear this is the one and only time I'd truly recommend never googling procedures or symptoms. The possible chance of dying in oral surgery is 1 in 365,000. A rational person would feel totally secure with those odds. But me? Nope. I dodged extraction like you wouldn't believe and then of course, inevitably, I couldn't put it off any longer. 

A few weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night to something hard on my cheek. Long behold it was actually a part of my tooth. I started freaking out about an abscess or infection and immediately found a dentist close by that could get me in and figure out what was going on. Sure enough, it was a piece of a wisdom tooth from my right side. The dentist couldn't do much else for me except put me on antibiotics, prescribe a mouth wash, and write a referral for an oral surgeon that could do the extraction. The entire process took about a week or two. I went in for a consult and had surgery 3 days later. I opted to be awake during the procedure because obviously general anesthesia has its own risks and I really didn't want to feel out of it on a Friday with my babies as the weekend approaches. 

All in all, removal took less than 10 minutes to get all my teeth extracted. They were all above the gum, none of them touching any nerves, and two of them decaying so bad that I didn't even realize the surgeon removed them. I was all excited to listen to a new audiobook I downloaded but I didn't even have time. It was outrageous how quick this procedure was. I didn't hear any drilling or noises that weren't tolerable... in fact, the worst part of this entire ordeal was probably the local numbing in the roof of my mouth. That pinch hurt real bad and it left me with the shakes... I was so scared for the rest of the procedure, but like I said, everything after was such a cakewalk. I did end up with a little scratch by my lip when one of the tools slipped but even then -- and with all that numbing, it was painless and minor. 

I felt so confident that I went to Target afterward... to which I began to choke on my own blood-filled gauze on the sides of my cheeks! Forever reminded to be humble. Forever. I'm so glad this is behind me and I'm looking forward to no longer having pain in my jawline. 

Cheers to soup, pudding cups, and applesauce for my foreseeable future! 

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