Army, Deployment, Pregnancy

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
I originally created this blog as an outlet for my deployment emotions. Shockingly I have done much better with the distance and deployment worries than I ever imagined. So i though i'd do a little update for all my family, friends and fellow bloggers.

ARMY- A lot of you already know that due to the needs of the Army, and my husband's most current reenlistment, we are headed to Fort Hood. From my research it's a HUGE installation, and it's a cavalry division. Which is better for my husband's career. Although our move will be a little bittersweet, ( leaving my deployment buddies behind) I know this new move will be a good move for our family.

DEPLOYMENT- We got some not so happy news from my husband's brigade; He will not be home for the birth of our daughter. We knew this was a big possibility before he left. To my surprise, I had never had high hopes that they would bring him home, so it wasn't a big shocker. My husband is REALLY bummed about everything, but I plan to do everything on my part to make sure that he is apart of the experience, even in his physical absence.

PREGNANCY- I am really close to starting my 3rd trimester, and other than the GI problems I have been having here lately, I feel and look great (in my opinion) I'm enjoying my bump ! I'm enjoying being able to confidently shop for Ava with minimum worries in my mind. I have even finished my cloth diapering stash.

I am MUCH more confident about cloth diapering, cloth wipes, and breast feeding than I was in the start of my pregnancy. Ultimately, every decision I make is beneficial to her being healthy, our finances, and the environment. I have definitely had a "mommy switch" ignite in me ! 

One thing that I have really embraced through Army life, Deployment, and Pregnancy are the things we come to fear, never come to pass. I think that quote alone has gotten me through the times I thought i'd never come out on top during.

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