Self Worth

Friday, April 5, 2013
I think the most attractive quality a person can have is self worth. Loving yourself, respecting yourself, and not allowing superficial things in life to define you. Having a little girl that is due to arrive in a few weeks makes me think about self worth a lot more. Typically, It's women who have these underlying issues with themselves or they are just more vocal about them. They allow themselves to be defined by people they are in relationships with, people they are married to, and people they are related to (sometimes even people that don't play a vital role in their lives) I don't want my daughter to ever feel like she's not good enough. I don't want her to feel like she doesn't deserve the best life has to offer. I NEVER want her to criticize herself for her physical image.

I saw this on pinterest this morning and it broke my heart. It all starts in the home. I remember in my younger years when I was chunky in all the wrong places my mom would look at me and say "baby, if you can still see your feet when you look down, you have no worries" Somehow that cheesy phrase made a world of difference. I would look down in the shower, in the car, walking the halls at school, and I'd smile! I could indeed see my feet ! I felt great about myself. If it wasn't for my parents always commending me and reminding me of my beauty in my younger years, I wouldn't have the strength I have now. Thank god my parents were strong reminders that I am a beautiful person. I think we all go through gray areas in our lives where we are impressionable, we doubt ourselves, and we wish we looked and acted like someone better. That's a part of growing up. you realize you are enough. You realize you deserve respect, love, and happiness. Not because you're better than the next person, but because you are a human being. This is a standard we should all hold ourselves too. One thing I hope to pass on to Ava is my strong sense of self worth. I don't have a size two body, I'm definitely not the smartest woman alive, and I still have my own daily battles that I deal with. But flaws, they are beautiful, because they set you apart. It makes you unique. One thing I never have to question is how much I mean to me. I love myself, and that love shines bright wherever I go. I think this is probably the most attractive quality I have. & because of that quality, I married a man that respects me. He doesn't talk down to me, he doesn't control me, we are equals. A lot of how we feel about ourselves reflect the people we allow in our lives. Thus, why you see so many people in crummy relationships or relationships that are forced. They don't think they deserve better and they cling to whatever or whoever it is that gives them attention, even if that attention is negative. I made a decision today. We will never allow for a scale to be in our home. The only size there will be for little miss Ava is perfect and healthy. I know that's just one aspect of self worth (image) but I'm not too worried about the rest. We will instill strong qualities into our little girl. I have no doubt in my mind that she will grow up strong, beautiful, and able. It all starts with the foundation we apply. 

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