Saturday, October 5, 2013
Today has been the best day I've had all week. Best isn't really the right word, more like today is the first day I haven't cried. Today I woke up being thankful instead of being filled with guilt. Even with all that's going on right now, I'm trying to sort through the positives my life offers me. My mother, man she truly is a trooper. Here I am weeping for her, but she has yet to weep for herself. All she wants is her family near her. This time of year is for family and I'm praying that we will soon be with her! Okay, I promised myself I'd write a semi-happy post today, so here we go! As of last night, I started listening to Christmas music. If you know me, you'd know this usually starts in August for me. I love Christmas. I love the holidays. I love the tradition. It uplifts my spirit in ways that I can't even explain. To make things better having Miss Ava here just takes my spirit to mountain tops of happiness. I've been focusing a lot on this season. What traditions my little family will choose to do.

Decorate our house in Halloween decor
carve pumpkins
roast pumpkin seeds
get dressed up and pass out Halloween candy (until our kids are old enough to go trick or treating)

bust out the Autumn decor
Attend parades (especially if we are in Washington)
Football is a given 
Possibly volunteer at a soup kitchen (not sure with Ava being so small)
I also want to try a new breakfast/appetizer this year. Who knows, Justin may love it so much, we can continue doing it every year. 
Snagging a real, pine Christmas tree!
decorate the tree the day after black Friday. Hot cider/hot cocoa the works AND allow the Christmas music to commence

Christmas Music the entire month!
Hang up our wreaths and lights around the house 
Get Christmas photos taken and then send them out
Have a Christmas movie night with Kettle popcorn (home alone is a classic)
Read Ava Twas the night before Christmas... every night for the entire month
Zoo lights!
Add a new ornament to the tree for another year Justin and I have been together
Go caroling? (Far fetched for Justin)
Church is a given (if we are in Washington)

I think some of my other ideas for Christmas could be:
  • Make gingerbread houses
  • Drive around the neighborhood to see houses decorated with lights for Christmas
  • Christmas countdown calendar (especially when Ava is older)
  • PJ day! Have the family wear the same PJ's for Christmas morning
I know traditions are just something new you try with your family that ends up being a big hit. We have plenty of time to add on traditions. Christmas is by far my favorite holiday, and this year is even more special for me. 

That's all for now. I've got to start on dinner for this evening and dessert. Cooking new recipes has been very calming for me. I know my husband doesn't mind, he gets to try all new, yummy foods! Enjoy your Saturday All! Hold your loved ones! 

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