Sunday, March 30, 2014
This weekend went by too fast (like every other weekend), and we actually had something in this house go wrong for the first time. We didn't notice it until late Saturday night, but first let's recap on our weekend. . Friday night, Justin got called in, because of something with a stryker, and one of his soldier's got into a really bad car accident. It was raining so hard, thank God that the soldier and his family are okay. I was glad we had our pizza night and partial movie in before he had to leave, but he missed bath time with Bug, and he didn't see her go down for the night. I know he was bummed. It's always the small things in our family that have the biggest impacts.

Saturday we ran errands on Fort Lewis, and seriously bought over 30 lbs of meat for less than fifty bucks! I was seriously impressed with our meat haul. Justin has been bringing up couponing a lot lately. It kind of makes me giggle, but saving is important. We ended up going to the Old Country Buffet for the first time, (we have never gone together), and that was interesting. Ava decided to socialize with everyone around us. She kept waving, and saying, "Nana" it was so cute! One woman came up to us and says, "I know you probably hear this a million times a day, but she is beautiful." I've heard that one before, but it makes me all warm and fuzzy each time someone says something so sweet about our girl. Ava is beautiful. Mama Howland got some shopping in. So many good deals on clothing for Ava from Old Navy. $5 bermuda shorts, and $3 tops for our Princess.I even managed to pick up a few things for myself, and a couple shirts for Justin.

On the drive home we discussed buying a house. We are ready to buy our first house, and spend our money on investing, rather than renting. There are a ton of neighborhoods and subdivisions that we love in this area. With Justin making this last contract his final contract, I don't see why buying wouldn't be great for us. There is definitely a lot more to discuss, but I like where we are at with the idea right now. When we got home we realized that our heat wasn't working, although it was on. I was nervous, because if you know my husband, you know he doesn't fix things.

He went out to the garage, and I just started praying. Praying that he wouldn't make the issue worse! Apparently our pilot light is out, among other things. We called maintenance, and they said they'd be out first thing Sunday, and wouldn't you know that they are here as I type. Yesterday Ava also smacked the back of her head against the window seal. I still can't stop crying over that. It was the first time she's ever cried like that, and it broke my heart to pieces. She got a lump on her head, and I stayed up almost all night watching her sleep. I was half tempted to take her to the ER, but she seemed to be fine. Thanks to a friend, we ordered some protection cushion for the sharp wood edges of the windows.

Something amazing also happened Saturday evening.. but I can't blog about it on here. I really have tried to keep this as PG as possible, so in light of my experience, I started a blog on tumblr for the one millionth time! I guess that was kind of tease, not to share. But if you want the tumblr link, just ask! Today Justin is grilling baby back ribs for the first time, and the sun is out. I'm hoping Sunday is a smooth, relaxed day.

I hope all my blog readers enjoyed their weekend! Happy Sunday all! If you are a Washingtonian, enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!

♥- Leilani

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