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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

First off, hello April! I can't believe Spring is finally among us. I also can't believe that in forty-six short days, Justin and I will be parents of a one year old. I don't know how that snuck up on us so quickly, but you better believe we are enjoying every single moment with our Ava bug. I have been going crazy with making videos each day, and documenting Ava each time she does something new. I really appreciate that technology today allows for us to do this. By the time my little bug starts her own family (which I'm in NO rush for), she will have all the memories and moments that we had with her. She will always have a piece of the way her parent's raised her. More than anything, I hope that when she looks back at the way we did things, she is proud, and she understands. 

That being said, I really want to express something that bugs me. When you become a parent, you get thrown into this "parenting wars" world. I'm not saying everyone is in it, but if you are apart of any type of social media, you know what I'm talking about. My biggest issue is when "veteran parents" feel the need to make us newbies feel bad for being confident. I can't say all parents do this, but it happens more than it should. I don't think I know all there is about parenting, but I also think i'm doing a fantastic job with my almost eleven month old. What's wrong with taking pride in that? I believe that there isn't a "right" way to parent because different things work best for different families. We shouldn't make other people feel bad for being confident, or feeling confident enough to publicly share their parenting beliefs. I wish the "parenting wars" would just come to an end. If we channeled more of that energy into our children, rather than each other, imagine what great things could come from that. 

Looking back on the past ten months, there isn't one thing  regret. I dove into what type of parent I wanted to be when I was pregnant, and I have stuck with almost every aspect of attachment parenting that I researched. It was important for me to go into motherhood with as much knowledge as I could. The information wasn't for me, it was for Ava. With everything we went through to have her, I wanted to offer her the best mother she could have. Every decision Justin and I make is rooted off of what's best for our daughter. Do I think we'll make mistakes down the road? Yes. Mistakes are apart of any relationship process. If I wanted advice about parenting, would I ask? Of course. The point of this was to basically say, I'm not a parent that feels she knows it all, but I am a parent that is confident. I am a parent that is proud of the choices she is making. I am proud because it has offered us a happy, snuggly, secure, and thriving child. And that's what works for our family. Everyone should take pride in the parent they are. There is more work that goes into it, then most people know. 

Happy Tuesday all! If you know a parent that's doing a stand up job with their kiddos, give em' a compliment today! Embrace love people!

♥- Leilani

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