He's leaving

Sunday, July 5, 2015
The inevitable has occurred, and Justin is leaving again... This time he'll be grading the training of soldiers down at NTC, but I'm still pretty emotional about it. I've always been pretty supportive and accepting of the fact that I married a soldier, and I know he has a job to do. This means he isn't always going to be home, his time with family is precious (because it can be so limited), and this is what the job entails. I guess going through seven weeks of ALC really messed me up with distance. The ironic thing is that we've gone much longer. 8 months much longer. I'm not sure if it's just because we have Ava bug or what. I just know that ever since I found out about him leaving, I've been really emotional about it. The positive side is, he won't be gone a month or longer, he won't be missing any holidays/birthdays/celebrations, and he'll be back in the month of July!

While he's gone the only thing(s) he will really be missing out on are my NT ultrasound (they don't disclose photos or gender predictions anyways), Ava's check up next week, and a trip down to Oregon to visit with good friends of ours. I know he's pretty bummed about all three. Any chance to see our budding bean is exciting for him, and he always loves tagging along to Ava's check up appointments if he can. He always has his own set of questions for her Pediatrician. It's pretty sweet. Visiting friends in Oregon will be an option when he comes back as well, so I know he's not overly bummed about what will be occurring in his absence.

This time around we decided to make a good amount of videos for Ava bug when Justin leaves. Last time we did a bunch of recordings, but I think seeing daddy's face will make it even better. Ava doesn't do well with the distance when Justin leaves. Back in April, she got super upset every time they had to get off the phone or facetime, and it pretty much broke my heart to watch my baby get so distraught. I really plan on keeping us busy, busy, busy while our favorite guy is away. I'm hoping this morning sickness tapers off so I can be full of more energy than I am now. I know keeping up with her, the house, and school are going to be some major challenges in the weeks to come. I haven't had to do this all by myself for a while since we found out we were expecting. I'm a little nervous, but I have a good support system and helping hands in Justin's absence.

Hopefully with a little more free time on my hands, you'll see more blogs from me. I've been doing a lot of DIY stuff around the house (when I can), and I'd love to share some of those projects with you. I've used some new recipes, added to Ava's large book collection, AND found some cute stuff to do for our little miracle bean as well. I have even taken a leap and decided to try sewing for the first time in my life.. well the second time. The first time was in home ec, and I failed miserably.

Happy Sunday all!

♥- Leilani

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