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Thursday, October 22, 2015
With this being our second baby girl, I have noticed that there are some differences in my preferences as I prepare for labor/delivery. One of those differences includes reusable "mom cloth" pads for menstrual, postpartum, or just panty liner care. My initial thought when I looked at mama cloth a few years ago was: Why on earth would I want to reuse something that I'm bleeding on? Having cloth diapered for over two years, my thoughts on mama cloth have changed tremendously. It really is a smart investment on my end, and the best part? Being able to wash, and not waste a ton of cash on disposable pads. I researched for probably six weeks of this pregnancy with Olivia, I watched youtube videos, read blogs, etc. I have found a brand that is highly rated, super affordable, and that I'm extremely excited to test out. I purchased pads specifically for postpartum, so when they arrive, I'll make sure to blog about the overall quality, feel, etc.

Postpartum care isn't really something I spent a whole lot of time focusing on while I was pregnant with Ava. Thankfully, I had a swift and extremely easy recovery, so I didn't have to do too much anyhow. Now that I'm more informed/educated on postpartum, I've been through it, and I know what to kind of expect, I want to be a lot more prepared this time around. Looking back on my last experience, after delivering Ava,  I had zero tears, I didn't require stitches, or anything other than ice packs to help with swelling. I do believe I used witch hazel moistened pads for like a week, and I used the peri bottle for almost two whole weeks. Other than that, earth mama angel baby nipple cream was really the only thing I used consistently. I didn't even have a full 4 days of postpartum bleeding after delivering.

Because I don't know what type of postpartum experience I'll have with Olivia, I want to put together a postpartum kit for myself. I'm going to include the mama cloth, I'm also going to make "padsicles" which is essentially spraying down a pad with witch hazel, then storing it in the freezer until needed. This eliminates the need for huge ice packs, and I'm sure it'll provide relief a lot quicker. I also want to check out Arnica Montana which is a homeopathic pain reliever for those cramps you feel when your uterus is shrinking back down to size. I did make the decision to birth in a hospital, per the request of my husband. We did look into birth centers, home births, and ultimately, the thought of me having to be transferred via ambulance to the hospital pending complication... it scared him tremendously. I respect the way he feels, and I'm okay with being at a hospital. This will be Justin's first time being in a room with me while I deliver, and I'd like to have my partner be confident, supportive, and have minimal fears while he's alongside me. I do think pending all goes well with Olivia's delivery that once we start making plans for baby # 3, we can discuss other birthing options.

We literally have less than 90 days until our little girl is due to arrive, and I still feel like there is so much we have to cover. I have postponed writing up my birth plan (just so Justin can be included), I haven't submitted any pre-admission paperwork to the hospital, and I haven't gone through our "baby # 2 checklist" (although I'm sure that we have about 98% completed). In the back of my mind I'm also thinking that we'd be better off packing up hospital bags and installing the car seat sooner than later. Granted, we still have about 12 weeks or so until my due date, but with traveling around the holidays.. I really just want to be able to relax when we come home. That being said, when did you pack your hospital bags? If you are a first time mama, or pregnant with another sweet babe, give me some feedback! Did you make a postpartum plan? If not the first time around, did you make one with another pregnancy? I'd love to hear from all of my mama readers! Leave me a comment below, on facebook, or by email.

♥- Leilani

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