Three Weeks Postpartum

Thursday, February 11, 2016
Three weeks into my postpartum experience with baby # 2 and I feel amazing. Seriously. My body has bounced by so quickly (extremely thankful) and my energy is at an all time high. I've lost almost 29 pounds since delivering Miss Olivia and it feels like the pounds are shedding without me noticing. I haven't done any type of work out regiment nor have I gone on very many walks. The bulk of my time has been spent at home adjusting to my new normal as a family of four. My bleeding has gone away and come back in this past week, but the amount of blood is miniscule. I haven't had to use heavy duty pads for a couple weeks now... the hardest part now is honestly leaking. Ava has been the source of a lot of laughter in this house the past few weeks and thus... I have been leaking quite a bit. I'm really hoping continuing to do my kegels helps gets things back to normal really soon.

On an emotional note, I am doing far better than I expected at this point. I didn't experience any baby blues, I have been coping with the news of my mom's new life expectancy so much better than I ever imagined, and each day I find a new reason to smile. I stopped taking my placenta pills as I'm pretty sure they were the source of my hormones surging like crazy for a few days. It's true what I've read. A lot of women either have no effects from their placenta pills, some women have a crazy hormonal surge, and other women can't rave enough about them. I plan on sticking with my tincture when it's ready because it's just a few drops in a beverage. I might pick up the placenta pills again in the coming weeks, I just know I don't need them right now. 

As far as life with two kids, I'm pretty impressed with how quickly I've picked up on everything. The first week I was definitely overwhelmed and a bit nervous. Ava has always been the attention gal in this home and having to give her less of that made me feel terrible. We've since gotten over that issue because Ava loves having all eyes on her sister and she helps me out with anything I ask. Her tantrums are back to her normal two year old tantrums (thank you sweet baby Jesus) and I am so thankful our strange adjustment period seems to be over.... I have become a multi-tasking ninja and somehow still find time to spend with Justin and take time to spend alone for myself.

I haven't lost any sleep either (impressed to the max). I'm averaging about 6-7 hours of sleep each night and while they may not be consecutive, I never wake up tired. Olivia is a great sleeper and I am in total sync to her schedule. My postpartum appointment is just in a few weeks and I can't wait to see how my postpartum experience is in the weeks to come! 

♥- Leilani

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