Olivia: Three Months Old

Thursday, April 21, 2016
Can you guys believe my littlest babe is already three months old? It is unreal. Literally. Unreal. I cannot believe how fast her first year is flying by. One thing is for sure, I was meant to be this little girl's mama. The way she looks me in the eyes so deeply, like she's staring into my soul. The security that's there was she falls into a slumber in the nook of my arm. All the smiles I receive when I'm just having a conversation with her. Everything about this little girl.. I love.

Clothes: You are in six month clothing! Well, 3-6 month. 0-3 month has been a no go for a long while now, but you are now just filling out more of the six month clothing we have purchased for you. It's odd how each store has a different size chart. Target (one of my favs) has clothing sizes per every three months until 18 months clothing. Old Navy has sizes incremented like this: 0-3. 3-6, 6-12. Carter's has the same type of set up as Target.. even still, you fit some brands better than others. You are definitely a bit shorter, but I know you are chunking up. I just made your well baby for next month and I am so excited to see how much you weigh. Summer is among us, so you are in all the nice, bright colors.. rompers, dresses, bathing suits... 

Health: You haven't had a cold since your first cold at six weeks old (knock on wood) and I am SO glad for this. Summer is usually not the season for sickness, so that's a definite plus. You seem to enjoy the warm weather + you are receiving vitamin d drops and a little from the natural sunlight. You are one healthy baby girl and I am so grateful for your good health.

Feeding: Nursing on demand is what we have done since you were born. You pretty much sleep through the entire night and my milk supply is adjusting to all of your feeding habits. I have considered pumping during the times that you are asleep and donating my milk to those mamas out there who are in need of donor milk. I haven't made a solid decision yet, especially since we are moving so soon. You are so much more of a snack nurser, just like your sister was. You snack for maybe 5-10 minutes, but pretty consistently throughout the day. You prefer the left breast instead of the right, so getting you to nurse on the right side takes a bit of effort from mama.

Sleep: You are an amazing sleeper. Seriously. I could cry some big happy tears because you and your sister are both amazing sleepers. As I said above, you pretty much sleep through the night. It really depends on if you nurse prior to going to sleep around 730pm. If you nursed, you are down for the count. If you didn't, then you will wake around 2am to nurse.. then you fall back asleep. During the day your naps are short and that is in large part to your big sister. When you are going through a growth spurt (yes, you've had one already) you will sleep in 2-3 hour stretches. Normally you take around 3 naps a day though. 30 minutes to 1.5 hours in length. 

Milestones:  You are making this smacking sound with your mouth.. kind of like puckering lips. I'm fairly certain that your sister did the same thing around this age. It's super cute. You are still rolling over from tummy to back, you play with your tummy time toys all the time, and your focus is really solid. You follow my finger, you found yourself in your swing mirror, and you found your beautiful voice. You are a jabber box.. I'm fairly certain it's genetic. You are developing so incredibly well. I am so proud and thankful.

Things You Like: You like talking to your sister when she's on your level. You two will smile forever it seems like when you are having a conversation. You love to be held. This hasn't changed and I don't see it ever changing. You snuggle into me and I absolutely love it. You love baths, too. The process is what I think gets you though. Knowing that bath, bed, and boob are all soon coming. You like being able to see mommy at all times.. yes, even if you are playing, swinging, or in my arms. I think you like when mommy talks to you like a big girl. I don't do baby babble with you.We talk about everything under the sun. 

♥- Leilani

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