Saturday, September 24, 2016
Less than 72 hours after I wrote Olivia's 8 month update... something amazing happened. My child CUT her first tooth. It is on the bottom left of her lower gum. I literally took a sigh of relief. This past month has been a rough one for our girl (I mentioned that in the 8 month update) and it has been exhausting for her parents as well. As soon as I felt the first nub of a tooth, it's like she took a complete 360 yet again - but this time our sweet girl shifted back to her normal, smiley, happy self. I feel so terrible for our sweet girl. I think teething is going to kick her but a little more than we anticipated. Babies truly are so incredibly different, even siblings.. With Ava, she never showed signs that teething hurt her. Truthfully, she just got super drooly and would maybe have a little more spit up than normal? 

I love that we are able to experience the difference in personalities with our girls. it's humbling us, equipping us even more so, and really opening up our eyes to addressing new things with our children. To continue to the good news train, Olivia has also just started standing up and standing still in the middle of a room. I can't believe how much change has happened in our home in just 72 hours. This morning after Ava's swim class: We came home, let the girls play on the floor, and then it happened. Olivia held onto her infant car seat and let go... she just stood there. Unassisted, like a natural. She didn't take any steps though. Regardless, I'm blown away by my child's growth curve. 

The exhaustion this past month didn't even matter today. I just couldn't stop myself from smiling and loving on my baby girl. The life mantra I took on during Ava's infancy still proves to be true. WHEN YOU ARE A PARENT- you are not managing an inconvenience, you are raising a human being. While the falls, bumps, and mood swings aren't always fun - I will always remember how blessed we are to have been given our sweet girls. On that note, I am off! It's family day and I'm going to soak up all the time I can with the loves of my life.

Happy Saturday all! 

** UPDATE** Baby cut TWO teeth on the bottom! 

♥- Leilani

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