Olivia Rose: Toddlerhood 13 months

Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Before I write these updates I always look back at Ava's and compare and contrast how different my girls are. This update couldn't be more parallel between these two. It's outrageous. Miss Livy bean turned 13 months old today and she is not slowing down anytime soon. Our girl is so sassy, smart, fearless, and receptive. She is running (to the best of her abilities), eating ALL the big girl foods with little limitations (hello dairy!), and her expressive language has increased immensely. The transition between infancy and toddlerhood couldn't be more distinct as it is right now with our growing girl.

New Things: Weaning is definitely something that is new. I had Miss Olivia weaned for at least a weekend until I relapsed. I had a delay in my fertility meds and I didn't see why I shouldn't be able to nurse during that time. This was more my fault, but now we are working on getting her completely weaned, yet again. That brings us to new cups. She uses a wide variety of sippy cups and straw cups for her water (we are desperately trying to get our babe to take to cows milk... with not much luck). The past month Olivia has started walking in SHOES! YES! Every time we leave the house, this girl is rockin' her shoes. Pediped + Saltwaters are the only brands we have used - with the exception of trying out Ava's old "See Kai Run" sneakers.

Milestones: Language is a huge thing with our girl lately. She mocks every single sound we ask her to and watching her gears turn.. watching her understand us, it is a HUGE milestone. I'm curious to see how Olivia's language progresses in the next few months. Miss Olivia is also currently cutting her 3rd and 4th teeth! She is definitely a late bloomer in the teething department but we are excited that she finally has more teeth to chew her food with. 

Changes: The only real changes this past month are the limited nursing and watching Olivia leave her infancy. I mean, she even sits and watches a movie with her sister for a good chunk of time. As I speak, both girls are sitting down watching a movie. Olivia's attention span is getting more toddler and less baby. I think food is a big one here too. Olivia has always eaten a ton, but now we have switched to more of a vast selection. Added dairy to the mix was really fun too. Olivia LOVES yogurt and cheese and has at least one serving per meal. This is the upside to our girl not taking to cow's milk. Like her big sister, we also introduced ezekiel bread too. We use almond butter with pretty much all breads and our girl loves it! The changes make me a little emotional but I do love watching our kiddo grow. She is doing great! 

♥- Leilani

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