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Thursday, March 2, 2017
Dilation and curettage. Yes, you read that correctly. I will be having this procedure done to mechanically remove the thickened endometrial lining in my uterus. I have tried two methods of progesterone before I came to this decision and my body will just not allow my uterine lining to shed effectively. I took the 10 day pill with prometrium and 5 day pill with provera - and while both pills did create a menstrual... apparently it was breakthrough bleeding rather than a true period. If I told you guys I wasn't nervous I would be lying... Our first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage and even then I didn't have this procedure performed. I have had a million thoughts running through my head and it has been an emotional week to say the least. I have never had an issue with my lining. EVER. I think that's why I'm so confused... but taking the time to think - this makes sense. I have PCOS AND I have also experienced a pregnancy and breastfeeding for almost the last two years combined. 

Breastfeeding suppresses the progesterone production in our bodies, so while estrogen continues to be made - there is no progesterone to shed the uterine lining. Mix that with PCOS (which already creates wonky hormone outage) and you are bound to feel the backlash eventually. To be honest with you guys, I am relieved that this is happening. If we weren't trying to conceive another baby, I'd have no idea that my lining was so thick... and I wouldn't be proactively trying to shed it. Abnormal cells can be made in a thickened lining which can in turn become cancerous... then I'd be facing a much more invasive procedure (hysterectomy) and our family planning dreams would come to an abrupt end. I am trying to keep all the positives in mind as I prep for my Pre-Op at the end of the week. Surgery is scheduled for early next week and I'm ready to start going through the motions.

Once the surgery is performed we can immediately start taking follistim to make a healthy, strong, follicle - and that has always been the end goal for us. Creating a healthy womb, healthy babe, and hopefully conceiving is the reason we sought out a fertility specialist in the first place. I'm so incredibly thankful that Justin will be on vacation for the next couple of weeks. Another perk of USAREC - being able to take vacation every three months instead of the normal twice a year block leave Justin was confined to on the line. If there is any recoop time for me, Justin will be home with the girls. Other than this surgery, this is where we are at with fertility progression. This was definitely unexpected and has set us back with timelines we were expecting... but it is okay. Everything will work out on its on! I'm just excited that we are getting one step closer. 

Here's a little diagram of how the procedure works. 

♥- Leilani

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