Liam Arthur Howland

Thursday, November 30, 2017
This past week Justin and I decided we were finally ready to announce the name of our sweet boy, and man did we get TONS of responses. My mother's family, my father's family, my husband's family, and a good amount of our friends - everyone had some type of feedback to give (most of which was extremely positive). Just to answer everyone's questions in one place, I wanted to give a little background on the name we chose. Liam was decided before we had even discovered that Olivia would be a girl. We chose this name a couple of years ago and for some reason, Liam was always the top contender for a boy name. We don't personally know anyone named Liam (though I do have a couple friends who have named their little ones Liam), the meaning of the name is absolutely beautiful, and it also has a bit of Justin's heritage to top it off. 

Now for the middle name. The middle name situation was just weeks of changes. We wanted our son to have the name of someone we loved, admired, and someone we would be proud to honor. Initially, the middle name was going to be Arthur - BUT because this might be our last baby, I also wanted to make sure we made the right choice. This is our first time naming a little boy and it was much harder than naming the girls. With both girls, it was a no brainer, I knew I'd choose my maternal and paternal grandmothers. With Liam, I was conflicted between a name from my family and of course suggesting Justin choose a name from his.

Justin is very easy going with middle names and has always allowed me to take the front seat by choosing. This time around, I really wanted to extend him the same courtesy. One night I was going through pictures of Justin as a baby and a plethora of photos of his grandfather, Papoo fell into my lap. That's when I knew our first choice was the right choice. I only have a handful of memories from Pop, but they are all good. Justin was privileged enough to have had his grandfather for over 24 years of his life - a rarity for a lot of us. He knew his grandfather was proud and I'll never forget the first time I saw Justin taking a seat at the "big guy" table. Exchanging stories of deployment, military memories, and cracking open a cold one alongside the men that had been able to watch Justin become a man. 

I'm so proud of the name we chose for our son and I'm even more proud that we are able to honor a great man. 

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