Liam Arthur: eleven months old

Saturday, February 9, 2019

My heart literally sank as the 8th approached this month, reminding me that my son would soon be one year old. We are less than thirty days out from celebrating this miracle child of ours and I just cannot believe it. My heels have been dug in deep this go round. I don't want the time to move so quickly because I know the close of his infancy is one that I will miss with all my heart. It is an absolute pleasure to watch your children grow and achieve milestones, but it is so heartbreaking in the same instance. Liam Arthur has been such a delight in our lives and we wake each morning with full hearts and wide smiles as we gleam at our boy with so much joy. Happy eleven months of life, Liam Lamb. You are so incredibly loved.

Clothes: Liam is currently in 18-month clothing. For most of his infancy, he would outgrow clothes so quickly but we've finally reached the size that we are pretty confident that he'll stay in for a while. Sleepers have been our go-to lately (for everything during the recent snow storms) and they don't deter him from his daily activities, even if the feet do have a little growing room. I do think by August he'll have graduated to 24-month clothing, but we will see.

Health: I am forever grateful for the continued good health my son is in. This past month Liam has been just as healthy as ever without a cold or sniffle in sight (knock on wood). It has been such an honor to have nursed this little boy for almost a full year. I am a firm believer that breast milk is just the holy grail of health for little ones.

Feeding: I have recently started venturing out to with offering new foods to our sweet boy. Liam is such a boob baby and normally nursing is all he wants. I did try offering eggs, strawberries, and nut free granola this past week and those were well received. It is absolutely important to me that we maintain healthy eating habits with all of the kids, including our youngest babe. I'm excited to be at this phase where the limitations are steadily decreasing and the window to try all the things is basically wide open.

Sleep: LIAM IS STILL AN AMAZING SLEEPER. That makes us three for three with amazing sleepers. Thank you sweet baby Jesus! He still sleeps through the night and he goes down for his naps as normal. This boy has been sleeping longer during car rides too. I mean, he always kind of has, but now it's just this instant sort of thing as soon as the car is moving. Car trips are pretty awesome now. Liam still sleeps best when he's cuddled with daddy or mommy and we love it.

Milestones: Liam is talking so much more. I heard him say "baby" twice in the last week. He jabbers on and on and we can't help but sit there and talk right back to him. I love watching the girls carry on a conversation as if they understand each thing he jabbers about. Our little climber is in full-blown climbing mode and I wouldn't be surprised if Liam takes his first steps soon. Lately, Liam dashes for the stairs and tries to climb them each chance he gets. I have a feeling that baby gates will soon be in our future. I ordered Liam's five-point harness Chicco seat this past weekend. That was hard. A nurse at the PEDS clinic made a comment about Liam's growth and how he's almost outgrown his seat... I honestly wanted to cry.

Things You Like: MUSIC. Hands down. Music is the one full proof way to get our son to soothe. He has a select playlist that he prefers and anything outside of that isn’t very helpful. Liam loves when his sisters are being silly. His baby laugh is everything and he smile will make your heart melt. He still loves to co-sleep with his mama and papa, showers with mama, and being baby worn ALL THE TIME. He is absolutely a mama’s boy and he will reach and grab for me whenever he’s not in my arms. Not much as changed with his lists of likes this past month and I’m totally okay with that.

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