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Monday, October 28, 2013
This weekend was a hectic one. Aside from being in the mall for over three hours shopping for Christmas outfits (the trip was a success), I managed to scrub down the entire house, get our goody bags ready for Halloween, and get ahead of the learning curve in my next week's course. For a mom, a wife, and a student, that's a lot to have gotten done. I'm still a fan of time management, I don't know how I lived life without it!

Macy's was good to me on Saturday. I picked out Ava bug's first set of ornaments and I am in love. They are little glass shoes, with pick laces. Over the shoes it says My first Christmas in pink letters, with the year. We almost bought a nutcracker too! We decided against it, but I think we'll end up getting one after Thanksgiving. I found a new ornament for Justin and I. Each year of our marriage we have always received home made ornaments from Justin's Nana. I LOVE them! They mean so much to us. With Nana's idea in mind, I set out to buy very special ornaments for each Christmas we spend together. The year before last was a football, it was decked out in glitter and sparkles. This year I'm thinking of getting something to represent a family of two becoming a family of three.

This year will also be the first Halloween Justin and I pass out candy. I am so excited. I've been so late with the Halloween decor (not my favorite holiday) but I'm so excited for the trick-or-treaters. We spent over an hour bagging candy into little festive bags. This will be Ava's first Halloween, and even though she's not doing anything extraordinary, I'm glad Justin will be here to hold her up in her little tutu, while passing out candy.

Did I mention how wonderful Sunday was? The Broncos won (which is enough to make any Sunday wonderful) and we got a lot of things done at home. Justin bathed Cooper for the first time since he got back from Afghanistan (we usually send him to the groomers), he cleaned his grill out (for the second time in a long while), and we spent a good chunk of time outdoors with Ava bug. She got her little toes wet for the first time by a hose. We've been looking at houses in Washington and Texas. Trying not to get too excited about either location, but it's been hard.

Justin has a three day this weekend (I can't wait for Thursday to hurry up and get here). We are buying everything we need for making baby food at home for Bug. She is definitely showing signs that she's ready for solids! We've got less than 3 weeks until Princess A is 6 months old (time flies), and I just want to be prepped and ready to give her some yummy purees. 

well that was a lot more than I intended on writing. It's Monday, so pave the fabulous-ness for the week! Happy Monday all! 

♥- Leilani

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