Getting Closer

Monday, March 30, 2015
I can't believe we are closing in on March 2015. This year continues to fly right on by, and because of my current circumstances... I don't really mind a whole lot. I have really enjoyed all this one on one time Ava bug and I are getting. Now that she's getting older, there are a whole lot of things we are able to do. Pedicures, painting (without limitations), and exploring this beautiful state that we live in. This week is going to offer up some pretty decent weather, so I'm planning on taking Ava out to Seattle a couple times for exploration. A friend of mine posted about "saying yes" to her toddler, and while we practice something similar in our household, it's safe to say the reigns could be loosened up a bit more. That is one of my favorite parts about being apart of a community so much larger than just myself. Parents all over inspire other parents to try new things with their kids, or maybe stop during certain things with their kiddos. Any who, my friend Charmi posted a photo of her daughter Kenadee, actively enjoying Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle.

If you have ever been to Pike Place, you know that it's a busy place. Even still, in those photos she posted, her daughter looked so joyful. It was then that I felt inspired to do the same with my own child. While I probably won't be attempting to try this at Pike Place without Justin, i'm opened to doing something similar at a setting that doesn't have as many people. I really do think it's important to let Ava grown and explore without mama hovering all the time. Just yesterday we took a trip down to the park after the "poop" fiasco and I just let her run wild and free. I normally do, but it was definitely different this time. Instead of focusing on the playground, she was actually more focused on the wind and the birds. Each time she saw a bird fly over us, she opened her arms and pretended to fly. She would giggle and clap.. it was seriously the cutest thing ever. When she watched kids walk by, she got super happy and waved at each and every one of them. All the little things she does that could easily go unnoticed, I noticed. I got some great shots of her while we were there and in those moments, my meltdown yesterday was completely diminished.

I'm taking a brief break from school in these next few weeks to focus a bit more on family and my new found love of photography. School is an amazing opportunity that I am able to utilize, but it can also be very stressful. I have to remind myself that breaks are needed, and that breaks are okay. In the meantime, I've been dialing in on more photo inspired things. It's been six full months since I got my camera and each day I find something new to love about it. So far, I've got three "mommy and me" sessions to do, an engagement on the beach, and two toddler birthday shoots! I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see so many beautiful people in front of my camera. I'm continuously learning that it's always the free and easily unnoticed photos that people gush over. Those are the moments we want to retain for the rest of our lives. It feels to be growing in a hobby I never thought i'd fully appreciate as much as I do. Having a mentor definitely helped me dive in a lot deeper than I ever expected.

Ava just woke up from an almost three hour nap, so it looks like I'm off! I'm taking her somewhere fun today, and I'm saying YES to my toddler no matter what! A big thanks to Charmi for continuing to be an inspiration in the world of moms! You are awesome. Here's a picture of Ava bug experiencing fresh soil in her toes. If you know my daughter personally, you know this is a HUGE step for her. She's very particular about her bare feet on anything other than sand.

Happy Monday all!

♥- Leilani

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