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Wednesday, January 11, 2017
I recently joined this group on facebook called self portraits of motherhood and OH MY GOSH.. it is pure gold. Seriously. I haven't felt this inspired in regards to photography in a good while. I haven't been in this group more than a week or so and I am already seeing my creative juices flow. The idea is to make sure YOU, yes --> you mama <-- are in the frame with your little ones. I have probably been doing self portraits for over a year now, maybe longer? I got my tripod in October 2015 and since then I've taken a lot of documentary photos for myself along with family shots, so I am pretty comfortable with getting in the frame. This group is a community of women that share the most beautiful, emotional, and raw images of themselves in the very throws that is motherhood. I have been in complete awe. Just complete awe. I shared my first image just a couple of days ago and I got such a great response from the other ladies. I get so nervous about sharing my photos but since last night - that feeling is no more. 

Just like motherhood, photography is a process. As I continue to grow and become more confident in the type of photos I want to produce - I see changes in myself. In my comfortability. I am excited to see where this new spark takes me. So far, I have been in the frame with my girls everyday this week. I find myself setting up the tripod during play time or right before nap time. I want to look back and remember the phases we were in - toys, dolls, books, etc. I also want to remember all of the smaller details in our lives. Nursing routines, cuddles, and favorite stuffed animals. I want to remember Ava requesting "her songs" on the tablet and trying to scan pandora for disney stations. I want to remember helping Ava set up her dolls in her doll house while watching her stand on her tippy toes. All of our moments. I just want to BE THERE for them all.

I talked to Justin about getting in the frame as a family too. Nothing posed, just our regular moments together. I have a feeling a lot of photos will be from Saturday mornings. There is something about our Saturday mornings that just pave complete magic for the weekend. I'm thinking about sharing some of the images I take on the blog.. if you are interested in seeing them, shoot me an email or comment on the link below. I know this year will be a pretty active one for my readers - so definitely let me know what you'd like to see. I'm hoping it'll spark something for you guys as well. You can never have too many photos of you and your little ones.

Happy Wednesday! 

♥- Leilani

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