22 days

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

there are no words to describe exactly what I am feeling at this moment. This month I will be meeting Ava. My pregnancy journey is closing in and motherhood is just around the corner. I thought i'd continue to be nervous about having my child tangibly here. For some reason I feel a sense of calmness this morning. Like when she gets here, my mommy gears will be in full drive and I'll know what to do once I see her face and hear her first cries. Deployment is also closing in on us. I cannot wait to have my arms around Justin. I'm ready for relief, joy, and overwhelming happiness to submerge. I don't think I could map into words what the experience over the last 8 months has been like for me. I have more of an appreciation for life and I'm thankful that I can take something so positive away from this. tomorrow I will be 37 weeks pregnant ! A full term baby I'll be having. I had a growth scan done yesterday and miss Ava is sitting at around 5 lbs. Definitely still on the smaller side. So small that the doctors are still opting for an induction. A big chunk of me is saddened by not having a natural labor. I know a lot of women enjoy induction, aside from knowing your baby will be arriving shortly, I don't really see the excitement or naturalness of induction. I know some women are unable to experience natural labor due to medical reasons posing a threat to them or their baby, in which case any type of labor would be acceptable to me. But for me to willingly want an induction is ludicrous. I am one tough cookie. I don't want Ava coming into the world with a drugged up mama. There are some many books and studies available for us to read today. Our country is seriously doing something wrong. I personally think it's due in large part to such a dependency on modern medications and technology. Mothers are becoming lazy and not relying on what their bodies are built to accomplish. Let me end that rant, it's a controversial issue and May is not going to be that type of month.


  1. buy more newborn clothes for my small sprout baby
  2. buy summer clothes for block leave in New York
  3. get the windshield on the car replaced 
  4. get tags for the car renewed
  5. finish writing up labor plan
  6. finish prepping Ava's cloth diapers
  7. Do one final and thorough wipe down of the entire house before Ava is ready to come home
  8. get my car detailed
  9.  finish reading heading home with your newborn, from birth to reality
  10. remember to pace myself and take it easy

I feel like these next two weeks are going to go by fairly quickly. I'm excited to write about my labor and delivery experience and hope to get that out as soon as I'm home with my baby girl and have a minute to update my readers :) I hope everyone is prepping for summer ! It's going to be a good one ;) 

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