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Thursday, August 7, 2014
Good afternoon guys! Here's a small update on our fertility journey. As most of you know, I went and saw my reproductive endocrinologist the last week of July, and everything checked out really well during my visit. That follicle that our doc found did indeed release (found that out today), and I know I ovulated last Monday. I actually went out and purchased ovulation tests, and I was able to track down the exact date of ovulation. This was our first time doing this without the help of fertility meds, so it was pretty neat to say the least. I'm not sure if you can actually see the positive lines for ovulation, but I loved being able to keep track of it.

Since my positive ovulation test, I have attempted to take four pregnancy tests. I knew all of them would be negative (too soon to test), but a part of me has been so ancy about taking pregnancy tests. I took one clear blue test that actually came in the ovulation pack, and I've taken three generic tests, that required a cup to catch the urine. I took those all this past weekend, and yesterday I went in for an HCG blood test at our laboratory on post. During my appointment with the RE this morning, all of my labs came back normal (they'd ordered routine tests... thyroid, hormone levels, etc).

The HCG came back negative (my primary doctor put that in just to check).. I was extremely disappointed until my RE said at this point it is still to early to test. My blood work indicated that I definitely released an egg, and they want me to come back in a week's time to take another HCG draw (there is hope yet)! I have been cramping like crazy since day two after ovulation, and that is usually a good sign for conception (at least for us).

Justin and I are both just extremely anxious at this point. It's getting harder everyday not to talk about something with this "potential baby" that could be on the way. The waiting game is truly the hardest part. Fingers crossed that next week I'll be sharing a positive pregnancy test with you guys!

Happy Thursday all!

♥- Leilani

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