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Tuesday, February 24, 2015
So it looks like some of my fears were let go yesterday morning and I couldn't be more relieved about that! I woke up completely nervous with the stomach knots and all. when I first got to my appointment I wasn't feeling like overly hopeful, but I was still anticipating at least one good follicle. I got my blood drawn first and then they quickly took me back to one of the ultrasound rooms. Waiting for the nurse to come in was the worst. I was almost shaky at that point. We have a very small window for success here because Justin leaves so soon for school. I really think that's why I'm feeling even more anxious about this assisted cycle. I needed my ovaries to get it together now, because later isn't an option. The nurse checked my right ovary first.. this is the easiest ovary to find. There was a distinct, but small follicle growing. It measured about 12.5 (ish) mm. I was pleased that there was a follicle, but disappointed that it wasn't bigger. I held on to hope because I knew that my left one always delivered. The left side is the side I'm pretty sure Ava bug came from... Yeah, it's weird that I know that.

The left side took a good two minutes to try and find. The nurse tech actually went over previous images that my reproductive endocrinologist took just to find it. For all the ladies that have had transvaginal ultrasounds... we are troopers! It honestly felt like she was deep sea diving with the ultrasound wand. SO. MUCH. PRESSURE. When Ruby (the nurse) finally found my left ovary, it was worth the pain. There, in the middle of the screen was a big, juicy, follicle. It measured at 16.5mm and I was ecstatic. The goal with these assisted follistim cycles is to get at least 1-2 mature follicles. While the 12.5er is still small, these follicles grow 2mm per day. That means, in another day that 12.5er will be the same size as the one on my left ovary, and the one on my left ovary will be at 20.5 (ish) and that's the goal size. 20 mm is the magic number. In the next moments so much stress, fear, and emotion were just released. I was so happy and I didn't want to leave without having that big follicle printed out. After the nurse printed a copy for me, I immediately called Justin. I just couldn't believe it. That appointment verified that we really do have a fighting chance with this cycle.

Here's a glance at the budding follicle.. I am so geeked over this potential baby!

I have another appointment tomorrow to see where my follicles are at and to measure their growth. I'm praying we get to trigger shot this week. My estradiol levels looked really good yesterday. They jumped from 65.5 on Thursday to 114 on Monday. I believe the magic number with that is 200. I wanted to give a quick shout out to some of my prayer warriors! I know you've heard me say this before, but I have such an amazing group of people supporting my family. The messages, the calls, the emails.. you guys, seriously.. It's more than I could have every imagined. I don't think Justin and I would be able to handle this emotional experience as gracefully without all the love we receive. It truly does make a difference in our lives. 

I took a video from yesterday's appointment and I plan on taking a video during my appointment tomorrow, so stay tuned for that! Documenting this journey has been everything I have hoped for and more. Fingers crossed we get good news tomorrow and we'll be able to get to work at trying to conceive this second babe of ours. 

Happy Tuesday all! 

♥- Leilani

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